Economic Empowerment Summit



2014 Detroit Economic Empowerment Summit
Prayer Confession - July 18 - 19, 2014  

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Father, we lift before you the 2014 Detroit Economic Empowerment Summit. We pray for an outpouring of your Spirit upon this summit and that revelation knowledge will come forth concerning leadership, wealth generation, ownership and creativity to dominate in ministry, and in the marketplace. We pray that the Spirit of prophecy will flow and that you will speak specifically to every speaker on what to share. May every attendee receive the right information and the right understanding to be motivated and empowered to take control of their future, dominate in their industry, and to impact the destiny of the city of Detroit.

We agree and declare that:
• The Spirit of the Lord rests upon each speaker and the wisdom of God flows from them to divinely impart truth and biblical principles in taking ownership and possessing our wealthy place.
• All speakers are in attendance as scheduled and their travel and hotel accommodations are safe and excellent.
• All sessions are filled to capacity, and all needs are abundantly supplied with Heaven’s best with.
• This summit will bring supernatural increase to the city of Detroit, jobs, resources and contracts, and open doors to those attending.
• All staff and volunteers serve diligently under the anointing of God in excellence and love.

We take authority over every satanic force that would try to hinder the success of this summit. We bind distractions, confusion, disunity, chaos and strife. We cancel every wicked plan and scheme that the enemy would try to bring against this summit, our speakers, the workers, their families and businesses, in Jesus’ name. We release the peace of God, the joy of the Lord and the power and presence of the Holy Spirit upon this summit.

Father, we thank you for your favor upon this summit and for doing exceedingly above all that we are asking. We expect new businesses to be birthed, and for signs, wonders and miracles to confirm the word that is ministered. We decree that this summit will bring transformation to the city of Detroit, and it shall be as the Garden of Eden. We declare that your people are reclaiming their rightful positions in ministry and in the marketplace, and that the 2014 Detroit Economic Empowerment Summit is a complete success, in Jesus’ name, Amen!

Economic Empowerment Summit