Economic Empowerment Summit
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Detroit Economic Empowerment Summit

Is Entrepreneurship for you?

Whether you are launching or growing your enterprise, being equipped with the right information is critical. This session will provide you with the knowledge to establish the right systems to get a strong start and how various business certifications can position you for contracts with government organizations and Fortune 500 companies.

Speaker: Wendy Thomas, Associate Regional Director, Michigan SBDC

Digital Marketing: How to Develop a Brand that Matters

Today we live in a digital economy that force’s us to disrupt and re-think everything that has worked for us historically. Come and learn strategies on how to effectively manage your organizational and personal brands while remaining relevant in a rapidly changing workplace. With virtually unlimited access to information – anytime, anywhere and the rise of the ubiquitous content delivery platform it is critical to understand how to cut through the clutter so that your message is heard and communicated effectively. Can your customers find you? In this session you will learn how to become a storyteller, brand ambassador and curator that creates a user experience that drives your bottom line. As well as develop a plan to build an online presence and the social media tools and resources available for business.

Speaker: Hajj Flemings

Characteristics of a Peak Performer

You are a skilled and gifted leader. Whether your goal is to move up the corporate ladder or build a strong organization, goal setting and strategic planning are essential. Learn the skills and techniques to develop a plan for your organization and for your life.

Speaker: Deloris Thomas

Advancing your Business in Every Economy

Will you be successful while the systems are failing around you? Understanding the financial wellbeing of your business can help you to identify ways to be effective in every economic condition. Learn how to read your financial statements and how to properly forecast your revenue, expenses and cash flow.

Speaker: Deena Marie Carr

Effective Prayer for the Marketplace and Ministry

Prayer is the spiritual weapon that gives you dominion and authority in every situation. Learn how to take back the ground that has been stolen in your organization, city, and nation or that has been held up by demonic forces. You will be equipped with the tools to organize prayer teams, systems, and structures to take your place of authority and win every battle without toil.

Speaker: Tiffany Jordan

Church Development & Growth

Learn the fundamentals of starting a church. Develop a plan for your first service and how to grow your ministry into a sustainable and transformative institution in you city. You will discover the basic start-up kit that every church needs. Identify your growth plan as you begin to delegate responsibilities to others.

Speaker: Cindy Flowers-Williams

Music Business with a Spiritual Mindset

Donald Lawrence is a man who wears many hats: Producer, Artist, Host, Director, CEO, Brand Ambassador, Spiritual life coach. With over 20 years of experience in the music industry, Donald Lawrence’s Master Class presents a unique view of the music industry with a spiritual focus. As both an artist and a business man, Lawrence shares his expertise on creative and musical topics like: Music for the 2015 Church and Spiritual Music for the 2015 Marketplace and beyond, while also focusing on important business issues such as: Music Business Contracts, The Independent Artist, Publishing, Branding, Radio, and Churches starting their own record labels. Lawrence’s panel will detail how to master these diverse subject matters, all while maintaining a spiritual focus and mindset.

Speaker: Donald Lawrence

Economic Empowerment Summit